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Product Solutions



Materials typically account for the highest proportion of product costs. Each delayed material delivery causes production slippage and late deliveries to customers. QAD supports your purchasing process and helps you keep your costs under control and increases the reliability of your deliveries.

  • There is no need to find out what needs to be purchased. The QAD Planning Tool generates purchasing requirements including optimising the quantities and ordering dates. Simply set the rules for accumulating requirements over a given time period as well as purchasing times for individual materials
  • Do you use allocated authorisations for purchasing? Set up the rules in QAD and it will take care of approvals electronically
  • Orders are automatically generated by from the purchase requirements
  • Do you often order the same material from the same suppliers? You will be more efficient if you use schedules and call-offs schedules and call-offs instead of purchase orders. Let your system communicate with the suppliers automatically, without your intervention, via QAD EDI eCommerce
  • Are the information systems of your suppliers’ incapable of electronic communication? Install the m.b2b online portal and let your suppliers do your restocking
  • Are your warehouse personnel overwhelmed by placing materials in stock leading to mistakes in the records? Help them by installing QAD Managed Warehouse
  • Use your suppliers to finance your inventory. The QAD Consignment module fully automates these stocks and performs changes in ownership only upon consumption
  • Remember to evaluate purchasing and supplier reliability. QAD Decision Support shows you the location of your resources and reserves

QAD Purchasing Request Approval

Purchasing is typically one of your highest cash flow expenses and should therefore be kept under control. However, decisions about what needs to be purchased, for how much and when, often need to be made before approval has been given. QAD uses purchasing requests to help overcome this with most being automatically generated by the planning tools according to pre-set rules. Requests can also be manually defined with their own custom rules.

With QAD Purchasing Request Approval, you get:

  • Control over your purchasing costs and the company’s cash flow
  • Reduced approval process time by making it digital
  • Generates time savings for approvers and purchasers by removing any delay in order approvals


  • When defining the approval rules, you can combine levels by item group (for example spare parts, direct materials, IT equipment), target centre, as well as project, if applicable
  • QAD supports replacements of discontinued products with new ones
  • QAD uses pre-set rules to select the required approvers and prepare the queue for approval
  • The approver uses their computer or mobile phone to authorise the purchase or to return it to the previous step with additional comments or instructions
  • Only requests that are approved are transformed into orders by purchasers

QAD Warehousing

Handling inventory is time and space intensive. Let the QAD Warehousing system optimise your inventory levels and navigate your warehouse personnel during stocking and picking operations.

With QAD Warehousing, you get:

  • Optimum inventory levels at the right time and in the right place through QAD Planning
  • Time savings for warehouse personnel resulting from:
    • Clear navigation to the correct location for put-away and picking operations
    • Automatic forklift control
    • Integrating weights to replenish inventory when receiving it
    • QR and barcode scanning for inventory tracking
    • Inventory movement tracking by passing through an RFID gate or a camera zone
    • Hands-free voice communication between the system and warehouse personnel
  • Storage space savings by integrating Kardex automatic storage with movable shelves
  • Up to date and credible inventory information with quick, easy and accurate scanning records via RF terminals, RFID or cameras


  • Detailed warehouse map locations to the level of rows, columns and shelves
  • User-defined rules for put-away, picking and optimising inventory location as well as for inventory transfer to a more accessible location
  • Support for inventory batching and multi-level packaging, e.g. boxes, containers and pallets
  • Pallet breakdown and palletising management
  • Incoming purchases registered via an RF terminal. Navigation to input inspection, if required, and to destination.
  • Track storage location movements via RF terminals
  • Release into and receipt from production via RF terminals
  • Shipping organisation according to sales orders, distribution or delivery routes
  • Picking with RF terminals. Orders are covered, inventory is decreased, and delivery notes and billing documents are prepared only upon confirmation
  • Inventory identification with an internal QR code, barcode label or via external labels in a customer specific format
  • Physical stocktaking with inventory freezing, recalculation, reconciliation of differences and updates
  • Ongoing cyclic stocktaking with ABS inventory classification by rotation and value, with immediate evaluation of stocktaking differences and inventory level updates, if applicable

Do you want to improve performance and efficiency in your business?